How will mayoral candidates boost the Coast's business?

ATTRACTING business to the Fraser Coast could be one of the vital things the region's next mayor can do.

With one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation, the region is crying out for more jobs.

Reducing fees, providing infrastructure and essential services were among the top priorities for our six mayor candidates when it came to business.

Incumbent mayor Gerard O'Connell said looking to the future council needed to keep investing in the region.

"Building new infrastructure, that's one of the key things we have control over," he said.

Candidate Steve Coleman agreed, but said council needed to help out financially.

"We need to be looking at council infrastructure fees and charges," he said.

Mr Coleman said by reducing charges, businesses may find the region an attractive place to set up.

Division 3 councillor Chris Loft said fees and charges would be a part of his focus on boosting business.

"We need to make existing business a priority," he said.

Cr Loft said he would look into the function of Fraser Coast Opportunities and ensure it was focusing on attracting tourism.

Candidate Jannean Dean also spruiked a focus on tourism and lowering council fees.

"(I would encourage business) by working to create more jobs from tourism and by working to bring government departments to the Fraser Coast," she said.

Greg Schmidt would fund a survey to let the region's retailers know what the customers wanted.

"I would also relax some of the overheads of starting up a small business until they got up and running," he said.

Former teacher Lee Carter said he believed council's function was to provide essential services.

Mr Carter said he would focus on developing a sustainable town plan to help ensure businesses could continue to flourish.

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