Boozy past catches up

SCREAMING abuse and obscenities in a cinema, on the street and in a court room has landed Leah Roslind Francis Collins, 32, in front of Hervey Bay Magistrates Court.

But her defence lawyer John Milburn said that Collins' tragic past and alcohol abuse were behind her "unacceptable behaviour".

The Maryborough woman faced court charged with three separate counts of public nuisance.

The first happened in Brisbane at a movie theatre when Collins began yelling obscenities at the screen, the court heard.

When security was called, Collins directed her anger towards them.

Police were called and Collins walked from the scene before she was apprehended.

On April 26 in Maryborough, a police officer noticed Collins walking near Bazaar and Ellena streets.

Collins was yelling obscenities at a young woman who was pushing a pram, the court was told.

The police officer approached her and she allegedly told him to "f*** off".

She then continued down the street and yelled more abuse at the woman wheeling the pram.

The police officer called 000 and more police arrived at the scene.

Collins was then arrested.

Then on July 11 at 10.50am, Collins was facing Hervey Bay Magistrates Court on unrelated matters when she started yelling and screaming in court.

The court observed she was behaving in an intoxicated manner. She was removed from the court house and charged. Mr Milburn told the court Collins used alcohol to self-medicate because of traumatic incidents in her past.

"Her behaviour is not at all acceptable," Mr Milburn said

"She knows that."

He said his client was drinking much less and suggested that probation would be a way of helping her deal with her alcohol abuse issues. Magistrate Stephen Guttridge agreed and placed Collins on probation for 12 months.

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