The 20 golfers who contested the annual Sunset Shootout at the Maryborough Golf Club on Friday night.
The 20 golfers who contested the annual Sunset Shootout at the Maryborough Golf Club on Friday night. Richard Harvey

Brett wins Sunset Shootout

THEY say that good things come to those who wait.

Well, after five years of trying it finally did for golfer Brett Dioth on Friday night.

Not only did Dioth hit the green on the par three ninth hole of the Maryborough Golf Club – his shot was also good enough to win the annual Sunset Shootout competition.

Dioth’s winning shot, which he used an eight iron for, was the first time he had hit the green since he first started entering the competition five years ago.

All 20 in the competition, who included juniors as well as senior women and men, earned their shot at glory to win the first prize, a new set of golf clubs, by answering a question on MIX FM.

Just four players who teed off in the Shootout 12 months ago saw their shots finish on the green.

Only two, Dioth and Dave Miller, managed it this time around.

As for the others, well, they saw their little white ball either end up in the water, one of the four greenside bunkers or roll off the green and out of contention.

But that wasn’t the case for another player, the first one to tee off, Robert Griffen.

Griffen’s radar appeared to malfunction as his shot landed on a green but the wrong one.

He ended up on the practice putting green in front of the clubhouse and more than 50 metres away from the target.

While most of his rivals struggled to come to terms with the daunting shot, Dioth, who plays off a handicap of five, said he had been determined that it wouldn’t get the better of him yet again.

“Soon as I hit it I knew I’d finally done it (hit the green),” Dioth said.

“I was just pleased to do that because that was my aim – to win the competition was a bonus but it feels real good though I can tell you.

“Maybe I’ve now managed to silence a few of my critics,” he laughed.

As for one of the women in the field, Hervey Bay’s Sharna Prisell, she reckoned the experience was one of the most nerve wrecking of her golfing career.

“The nerves certainly got to me,” Prisell, whose shot hit a tree well before the green, said.

“Standing on the tee with all those other players and the spectators (there was over 100) watching was shocking – I could hardly grip the club.”

Maryborough Golf Club professional Kevin Law, who said Dioth had been the favourite to win despite his poor record, said once again the pressure had got to the majority of the line-up.

“The pressure to perform in a situation like this is something that amateurs are not used to,” Law said.

“It showed again this year but it’s an experience they all enjoyed and I am sure they won’t forget.”

What happened to their balls?

Robert Griffen – putting green in front of the clubhouse

Nicholas Ryan – water

Lloyd Roberts – bunker

Lou Jessen – rolled off green

Chris Coulch – rolled off green

Peter Waters – bunker

Brett Dioth – 1.70m away from hole

Les Ison – water

Kayla Ryan – water

Stephen Wroe – rolled off green

Marvin Reck – water

Steve Cameron – bunker

Kevin Montieth – rolled off green

Luke Waters – water

Dave Miller – 7.78m away from hole

Trish McKenna – water

Lachlan Waldock – rolled off green

Rod Tebay – water

Rod Lucht – bunker

Sharna Prisell – hit tree

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