BRL introduces changes to its player points system

BUNDABERG Rugby League has introduced a new player points system.

The controversial system made headlines 10 days ago when Easts Magpies was stripped of two competition points after an alleged points cap breach.

All clubs can utilise a 90-point cap, with point values set based on the player's previous experience.

Former NRL or International stars are worth 20 points, Intrust Super Cup or Intrust Super Premiership players are worth 16, and all representative players are worth 12 points.

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A-grade payers who switch clubs within the BRL are worth 12, any other A-grade competition is worth eight points and local juniors are of no value.

Easts were stripped of points and issued a $995 after they recorded club debutants Kalavi Rawalai and Seremaia Kaulala as being of "zero" point value.

According to those who reported the incident the Fijian duo should have been assigned eight points due to their international heritage, but the official forms made no mention of the rule.

It was formerly recognised as an official rule, but as of the new system, introduced before the 2016 season, there was no provision.

Easts appealed to the Queensland Rugby League's Central Division who overturned the decision based on BRL policy.

The BRL added an "overseas/workers-visitors" point value on Monday night.

It means any player born outside of Australia, is on a working/visitor's visa and/or has no playing history available will be worth eight points in their first season with a club.

All point values are halved in the player's second season with the same club, then become "zero" in the third year.

It is the only major change to the system.

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The mid-season change threatens to derail Easts' premiership bid.

Their squad for the June 4 clash with Past Brothers is valued at 80 points overall, and that is without Rawalai and Kaulala.

Easts are not the only club who could afoul of the system, as clubs are forced to undergo a complete overhaul of their A-grade roster halfway through the season.

Official documentation says a list of all club's allocated player points are to be displayed on the BRL's app. The list currently available is dated April 12, 2017.

The penalties for a club breaching the points cap is a maximum fine of $1000 per match, and the automatic loss of the match and all points scored.

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