POSSESSION: Lewis McLure put in a gutsy performance by showing desperation for the ball.
POSSESSION: Lewis McLure put in a gutsy performance by showing desperation for the ball. Brian Cassidy

Brothers Bulldogs secure win after match is called off

AUSSIE RULES: An injury to a Brothers Bulldogs player forced the first game of the AFL Wide Bay senior season to be called off early.

The Bulldogs were playing Hervey Bay at Brothers Sports Complex and were leading 3.14.32 to 3.10.28 right before three-quarter time.

The game was then stopped following a serious injury to Anthony Garland with 30 seconds to go.

"He got out of hospital last night (Saturday) but he dislocated his collarbone in his neck,” Bulldogs president Jason Baulch said.

"He's got some ligament damage. He was out cold so he can't remember the game and the hospital very well.

"He doesn't remember the incident.

"Today (Sunday) he's in a sling and he's got to have a mandatory two weeks off because of the concussion, but he's okay.”

Usually incidents don't end games but the time it took to get Garland off the field, combined with worsening conditions, forced an end to the game.

Bulldogs were awarded the four points.

Baulch explained the rule.

"Once a game has been stopped for 30 minutes, it is not allowed to restart,” he said.

"I've only seen it happen twice in 40 years of footy.”

Baulch said because discussions were held at length between both clubs and the umpires after the incident, it took too long for a restart within the 30-minute limit.

"The actual rule is that the presidents from both clubs, so that's (Hervey Bay's) Glen Stafford and myself confer,” he said.

"And we wanted to go on.

"But the umpires said they were dissatisfied with the playing conditions because it was pretty stormy and dark and our lights weren't up to scratch.

"So we were kind of a 1-1 vote on what to do. The timer went for 30 minutes and we had to be back on the field and playing by 30 minutes.

"That was the end of discussion, the game was over.”

Baulch said it was a disappointing end to a game that was a thrilling contest despite the low scores.

"We actually dominated the first half of the game and then they were really good in the third quarter,” he said.

"Either side was in it to win.”

The Bulldogs face Bay Power this week.