WHERE TO FROM HERE? The Buccaneers have lost 10 straight games.
WHERE TO FROM HERE? The Buccaneers have lost 10 straight games. Matthew McInerney

BUCCS STRUGGLES: Dishevelled Chapman laments toughest run

FOOTBALL: The difference between the victorious Doon Villa and Wide Bay Buccaneers was simple according to Buccs captain Jacob Chapman.

Doon Villa showed up to Villa Park as a true club - a distinct difference to the individuals who donned Wide Bay's red and blue stripe.

"They wanted to prove something to the league," Chapman said. "Credit to all of them, they played with their hearts on their sleeve and they showed up like a true club."

They are not the first Football Queensland Premier League to be knocked out of the FFA Cup but you couldn't help but feel Chapman's disappointment after Tuesday night's 2-1 loss.

The Magpies stunned the FQPL side to progress to the sixth round of the national knock-out competition, but their success left Wide Bay to lick its wounds for the tenth time in as many games.

The difference was blinding.

Doon Villa operated as one unit. They communicated, they knew the plan, which they executed, and they worked for each other to secure victory.

The Buccaneers fired wayward shots on the wrong side of the post, sent wayward passes to black-and-white jerseys and didn't look dangerous in a performance for which coach Adrian Elmes apologised to the club's juniors.

"They showed up. They train and play with each other the same as us, but on the field they're knowing each other's runs, they're reading the play so well, where we are still so disjointed, we're missing that extra pass," Chapman said.

"We play it up, we play it up, then it breaks down and nobody is there knowing what to do. We hoped to have been there by now but it's just not there."

It is a game Buccaneers supporters expected to win, and it could have been the launching pad to bigger and better results in the FQPL.

Instead, it's yet another loss to a group of players being slowly worn down by extensive and expensive travel with only poor results to show.

"The miles are putting a toll on the boys and they're getting frustrated, but this is what we all push for with the club and we want to get there," he said.

"It is unfortunate, we all prepared for tonight to help us break that drought. To get a goal, get another goal and work on our striking ability but credit to Villa, they kept us out. We wanted to build on momentum but it didn't work out."

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