Bumbling criminal leaves evidence

A BUMBLING young criminal who left blood at one crime scene and fingerprints at another has appeared in court.

Forensics police were able to pin smashed windows at two Hervey Bay businesses on Dylan Peter Markham, who was so drunk on one occasion he couldn't remember committing the crime.

Markham, 20, was walking home from a nightclub with a friend after 2.30am on July 11 when he kicked in a glass shopfront at Hervey Bay Mensland at Torquay.

Markham also damaged an interior security screen, reached inside the store and grabbed a shirt and a pair of jeans from a mannequin.

His fingerprints were later lifted from the glass and he was arrested the following day.

He told police he did not remember committing the crime until his friend reminded him later that day.

He also said he could not recall where he had put the stolen clothing but a search of his home found the $100 jeans and $80 shirt.

Markham pleaded guilty in the Hervey Bay Magistrates Court to the break-and-enter, along with a wilful damage offence committed in May 2011.

On that occasion, he had kicked in the window at Aqua Marine Realty at Scarness and cut his foot badly.

Police were able to match his DNA with a swab of blood from the glass.

Markham's lawyer, Justin Geldard, said his client wasn't a smart criminal.

"He almost severed his foot off," Mr Geldard said.

Just weeks before committing the Mensland raid in July, Markham had been placed on probation for breaking into the food court at Station Square at Maryborough.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Tanya Griffiths said the probation had not been a deterrent and requested jail time for Markham, who was a single father.

Magistrate Graeme Tatnell sentenced Markham, who admitted his "stupidity", to 120 hours of community service.

He was ordered to pay $1445.20 to Mensland and $253 to Aqua Marine Realty for the damage he caused to the businesses.

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