ROAD RAGE: Kirby Ellis Dukes.
ROAD RAGE: Kirby Ellis Dukes. contributed

Teen and dad see red in gym car park punch-up

A CASE of road rage taken too far will see one Bundaberg teen on probation for the next year.

Kirby Ellis Dukes, 19, appeared in Bundaberg Magistrates Court on Monday facing an enter premises and commit offence by break charge - after an incident on December 3, which left an innocent man and woman shaken and injured.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Andrew Blunt said a woman and her boyfriend were driving on McCarthy St when a white Holden began tailgating them. She saw the occupants shouting and gesturing for her to pull over.

Dukes and his father followed the couple along Barolin St, and then on to Thabeban St, still shouting and gesturing for her to pull over.

"She became concerned because they were gesturing and shouting," Sen Const Blunt said.

The two vehicles parted ways on Eggmolesse St, and the couple then drove to World Gym and parked their car.

It was then Dukes' father suddenly entered their car and began swinging punches at the man in the front passenger seat.

"They were erratically throwing punches in the car," Sen Const Blunt said.

A couple of witnesses tried to step in and help, and heard Dukes shouting at the victim "you're f--ked, mate" and "we're gonna kill you".

The man was heard to shout at the pair to "just f--k off and go".

After the ordeal the couple reported the incident to police with the man saying he had a "sore nose, tasted blood in his mouth and had a sore back".

Defence lawyer Nick Larter said it was an offence "serious in nature", which should not have happened.

"His father ought to have known better and provided a better example for him," Mr Larter said to Magistrate Neil Lavaring.

"A road rage incident that progressed to break and entering and assault in a car," Mr Lavaring said.

"A serious offence ... but its getting more prevalent these days than it used to be."

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