Man jailed after grabbing woman's buttock at Seafront Oval

IT TOOK just three days after being released on parole for a Gin Gin man to attack another woman, this time at Seafront Oval in Hervey Bay.

Colin James Cooper, 57, pleaded guilty to one count of sexual assault when he appeared in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

The court heard Cooper approached a woman and her child at Seafront Oval on November 1 last year before grabbing the woman's buttocks and then running off.

Police found Cooper nearby.

Cooper, who had been remanded in custody since the incident as he had breached his parole, sat slumped with his arms crossed while Magistrate Graeme Tatnell handed down his decision.

Mr Tatnell condemned Cooper's actions.

He said looking at Cooper's marks at TAFE it was pity he had not continued in a more community minded manner instead of treating women poorly.

Mr Tatnell did concede that the incident on Seafront Oval was not as serious as those contained in Cooper's previous criminal history.

"A person is entitled to take their child out into the community without fear of assault," he said.

The magistrate noted the incident occurred just three days after Cooper had been sentenced in the Maryborough District Court for punching a woman so hard in the chest he broke her sternum.

For that crime Cooper was sentenced to a head sentence of 12 months with immediate parole release.

Mr Tatnell said he had to take into account the sexual assault happened so close to Cooper being granted parole. He sentenced Cooper to nine months in prison.

Cooper will be eligible for parole on September 5.

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