Cab driver bashed for 16 bucks

NO amount of money could justify deliberately harming another person.

But imagine being assaulted for just $16.

That is what happened to a 62-year-old taxi driver working the late shift in Maryborough on Saturday night.

About 1am the experienced taxi driver picked up a man and woman in his cab and had reached the corner of Richmond and Ellena streets when the attack happened.

The taxi driver was assaulted by the man, believed to be aged about 19.

The two then left the man by the side of the road, with facial injuries and having suffered a blow to the stomach, after stealing $16 from him.

Allan Bond, manager of Black and White Taxis in Maryborough, the company for which the driver works, said he was disgusted by what had happened.

He said that level of attack was almost unheard of in Maryborough.

“It’s not common at all,” he said.

“This level of attack is just disgusting.”

Mr Bond said the fact that a young person had attacked an older person who was just doing their job was particularly appalling.

“All we’re doing is trying to provide a service. Our drivers shouldn’t have to put up with this.”

Police are asking for anyone with information to come forward.

To contact Crime Stoppers call 1800 333 000.

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