All that remains of the stolen laptop: Its case and power lead.
All that remains of the stolen laptop: Its case and power lead. Karleila Thomsen

Thieves leave girls terrified

A HEARTLESS New Year’s Eve burglary has left a Hervey Bay mum and her daughters terrified for their safety.

The woman, who did not want to be identified, says the incident happened at their Eli Waters home when she took her four girls out for dinner to celebrate last week.

The callous thieves smashed a window and used a knife to cut through a security screen before ransacking the house.

They even trashed the family’s Christmas tree and stole the children’s presents.

“We’re terrified now,” the woman told the Chronicle.

“We just feel violated.

“Every single noise we jump at and we’ve been sleeping in the same bed.

“We’ve been living here for four years and we’ve never been scared before.”

Cameras the children got for Christmas, a laptop computer and USB drives were among the stolen items.

But despite the fear, the loss of presents and having spent the past three days cleaning up, the single mum and full-time uni student says she just wants her computer back.

“It’s got my daughters’ lives on it, all our photos and all my school work,” she said.

“I’ve got exams in two weeks and it’s got every single piece of my work on it.

“The police asked me if I backed everything up and I did, on USBs, but they stole all those as well.

“They even took my $20 MP3 player that I listen to my lectures on.”

The black Dell Inspiron computer was just six months old, she said.

But whoever took it will not be able to use it for long, considering they failed to steal the power cord that charges the battery.

“We don’t even have anything (worth stealing),” the mother of four said.

“I do everything for my kids and finally we have a nice house and I was able to get them good Christmas presents ...

“(But) they just emptied all our drawers on to the floor and they really made a mess of my room.

“I don’t know how many times I’ve vacuumed and I’m still finding glass everywhere.”

The woman said the thieves also used her black Converse carry bag to remove the goods from the house.

The bag was unusual, she said, so if people saw it they could notify police.

“It’s a black carry bag with hot pink stitching and Converse written in white.

“Your shoes go in each end and it’s got a zip across it. I’ve never seen another one like it.”

The family is now urging anyone with information or who comes across any of the items to call Hervey Bay police or Crime Stoppers.

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