Camel ride operator silences animal rights protesters

GENTLE GIANT: For Zaylee Brown, 4, the camels on her property are just like family.
GENTLE GIANT: For Zaylee Brown, 4, the camels on her property are just like family. Contributed

WITH endless land to roam and graze and an abundance of pats and cuddles, the life of a camel on Kathleen Brown's property is idyllic.

A family of 11 camels lives with Ms Brown and her daughter on a 100 acre property near Childers.

Three almost missed out on their second chance.

"I was working in Brisbane at the time and we got a call to say there were two baby camels whose mum had been slaughtered,” Ms Brown said.

"We went and picked them up and I ended up taking them, and another older camel home with me.”

More camels have since moved in and during the school holidays, they take a trip to Hervey Bay where children can enjoy a ride.

"People absolutely love them,” she said.

"I mean, my four-year-old daughter takes care of them and people can't believe how gentle they are.”

Despite the love Ms Brown and her daughter, Zaylee, have for the gentle giants, which can be seen in photos showing affection to their owners and even coming into the house like everyday domestic pets, their practices aren't always well received. Just this week, a Facebook event Protest Against Using Camels As Rides, was created by a vegan activist. Ms Brown was quick to reject allegations the camels were "stuffed into cramped, hot trucks and trailers”.

"We leave the truck open at home in the paddock and they actually willingly going in there because they want to go to work and be around people,” Ms Brown said.

The protest has since been cancelled and the organiser told the Chronicle she did not wish to comment.

Cruizey Camel Rides operates on the Esplanade next to the all abilities playground during school holidays every weekday from 12 to 5pm except Wednesday.

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