Sign on for our road safety pledge

THE TRAGIC deaths of Craig Wann, Brittney Rose Kelley, Eric Forknall, Emma Butters and George Kotis on Fraser Coast roads have forced a new focus on the pain of loss and the horrific road crashes than can sometimes be avoided.

Today we say enough is enough. Today we draw a line in the sand and make Friday, October 8, 2010, the day we say “No more” and decide to take action.

Today the Fraser Coast Chronicle launches its Drive to Stay Alive campaign.

We are targeting 10,000 online signatures during the next six weeks as we lead the way to safer driving conditions.

Our 10,000 target is both realistic and necessary.

With every person buying a Chronicle today signing up to the pledge, that target could be achieved by tomorrow night.

We invite current drivers and future drivers to log on and make a promise to improve their driving habits. Good drivers can and will become better drivers.

We ask everyone signing up to adopt The 10 Commitments every time you get behind the wheel.

When we can get 10,000 motorists committed to doing better, the collective result will be safer Fraser Coast roads.

If 50,000 people make the commitment, our roads will be safer places to drive and ride long into the future.

We do not believe we can wipe car crashes from our roads entirely, but we believe this campaign can save lives if the Fraser Coast community engages with our project and takes the pledge.

We invite residents to engage with the Chronicle in other ways. If you have lost a loved one in a car crash during your lifetime, please email a photograph with their name, date of birth, date of death and where they died to

We plan to publish a powerful gallery during this campaign.

Over the six weeks we will also tell the stories of the people involved in fatal road crashes – the survivors, those left to grieve, the emergency services, the people charged with fixing the problem.

Take the Drive to Stay Alive pledge.

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