Campsite closures blamed on dingoes

THE closure of campsites on Fraser Island was further evidence Labor's dingo management policies have failed, a Sunshine Coast MP said yesterday.

Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability Glen Elmes said the government could not admit it has got it wrong with a policy that continues to fail.

“The closure of campsites at One Tree Rocks and Cornwells due to the presence of dingoes is yet another sign that these policies are failing both residents and visitors to the island.

“Rumours circulating of the presence of a ‘super pack’ are blatantly wrong, the dingo pack at One Tree Rocks comprises one adult male, one adult female and four to five pups.

“The dingo pack at Cornwells comprises one adult male, one adult female, one other adult and six to seven pups — hardly a ‘super pack’.”

Mr Elmes said while rangers look to have done the right thing in closing these campsites, these reactive solutions are not sustainable in the long term.  

“Furthermore, with these closures there is no excuse for the culling or hazing of these native animals,” he said.

“Photographs published last week show malnourished dingoes scavenging for food.  

“It is no wonder that some wildlife experts believe 70% of Fraser’s dingo population is malnourished and could soon be wiped out.”

Mr Elmes said the Bligh Labor Government should be consulting the island’s residents and visitors about what is actually happening on the ground at Fraser.

“I would encourage visitors and residents on the island who are concerned about the Management Practices to voice their concerns.

“Such feedback is an important part of the LNP’s Discussion Paper on the Management of Fraser Island.”

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