Can Alex hit the big time?

FROM humble beginnings in local teen theatre productions to mixing with some of the biggest names in Hollywood at international film festivals, Hervey Bay’s Alex Podger has come a long way.

The 22-year-old has spent the last two years showing off his skills at Griffith’s Queensland College of Art in Brisbane but his most recent highlight was having his latest short film shown at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

Yesterday morning Alex was interviewed about his work as director of the film, which was inspired by a poem written by one of Alex’s friends, Daniel Grey, on national television.

Quiet: You’ll Wake up the War is set on the streets of a ruined city and follows the journey of a young woman who finds the graffiti artist who almost stirred a revolution.

She wants to know why the graffiti artist stopped writing and becomes embroiled in his world as he reveals his secret plan.

The film was so well received around the country it picked up several state and national awards.

Alex and his production team were already in awe of the attention the film received when they got the call to say it would be shown at Cannes.

While taking in the festival Alex got to meet one of his idols, British actor Andy Serkis, who plays the part of Gollum in Lord of the Rings.

“People seemed a little surprised that we were there but we got good feedback,” Alex said.

“The only criticism is that it was probably missing another 70 minutes but it was only ever supposed to be like a trailer of something bigger so I was happy with that.”

Apart from the massive exposure he has received from the film, Alex is proud to say the production has also opened doors for others involved.

Following his performance in the film lead actor Steven Rooke, who has appeared in Australian dramas Home and Away and Always Greener, was cast in the next instalment of the Chronicles of Narnia series.

Alex said he could not be more grateful for the help of a Gold Coast casting director who put him in touch with high quality actors.

Growing up in Hervey Bay, Alex was best known for his involvement in Z-Pac Theatre and performances at community events.

These days he spends his time behind the scenes but admits his acting skills still come out to play every now and then.

“I put my acting skills into entertaining people at production meetings now,” he joked.

“It’s a good chance to practise my stand-up skills.”

For now Alex is enjoying working as a film producer for the company Speedy Badger Films which he founded with friend Jared Bazley.

Their next steps include a trip to Beijing for a student film festival and directing performances at the Woodford Folk Festival.

As for his future, however, Alex makes no attempt to hide that he would one day like to live the life of the rich and famous.

“I just want an honest week’s pay for an honest day’s work.”

‘I’m really enjoying the ride’

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