Medical cannabis a step closer as regulator laws pass Senate

A NATIONAL regulator to supervise and allow Australian farmers to grow medicinal cannabis has now passed the Senate, but there are hurdles to making it legal for medical purposes.

The Turnbull government bill, with bipartisan support, passed the Senate today, to allow patients to access medicinal cannabis products produced and grown in Australia.

Health Minister Sussan Ley described the new laws as the "missing piece" for patients, but Greens leader Richard Di Natale said there was still work to do.

Sen Di Natale said cannabis was still listed as a Schedule 9 drug, meaning it was illegal for doctors to obtain or prescribe it.

Ms Ley said the government was working to list it as a Schedule 8 drug, the same category as morphine rather than an outright illegal drug.

She said an independent committee would guide reforms to put the new system in place.



What you're saying on Facebook: 

Wendy Givney: "Yes if its going to help someone thats in pain why not."

Ellie Tarver: "Yes."

Leesa Tomlinson: "It's a no brained YES."

Belinda Buckenham: "For medical reasons a resounding yes."

Fiona Coleman: "Yes, for my pain, as nothing else touches it unless I am rendered unconscious and feeling really ill."

Matthew Schirmer: "About time."
Amanda Charles: "For medical reasons only and sold ONLY at a medical/pharmaceutical establishment."

Judy Palmer: "Yes for medical reasons."

Skye Gaskell: "Yes totally agree for medical."

Alicia Dodd: "I think it should just be legalised for all. We try to govern too much of what other people do. You can drink and smoke and take as many pain killers as you like so why not cannabis, a natural drug. Yes if you choose to drive while stoned or give it to under 18yr olds you should be fined but why do so many try to control others. Ive never smoked it but to each their own, its none of my business what others do."

Tracey Leigh W-st: "Yes agree."
Helen Ward: "Yes it should I have personally seen what it can do for people with a terminal illness, if it wasn't for marijuana this person would not be alive today. So hell yes legalise it for medicinal purposes."

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