Car rego claims 'disingenuous', says Pitt

QUEENSLAND treasurer Curtis Pitt has dubbed as "disingenuous" LNP claims the government has broken election promises on car registration.

Shadow transport minister Scott Emerson on Thursday said a registration increase above the consumer price index of 1.5% was a broken election promise.

"While the LNP moved a motion in Parliament to tie car registration increases to inflation, the Treasurer and his Labor colleagues voted to unfairly slug motorists," he said.

"It is concerning the Treasurer doesn't know what his own Government's policy is at the same time he is using Queensland drivers as cash cows because he can't manage the budget."

But Mr Pitt told the ABC that before the election Labor had adopted the LNP's revenue policy - which included a 3.5% increase in car registration.

"What we've done is adopted what the LNP had built into the forward estimates," he said.

"Our decision was very clear that we would be adopting the existing revenue policies as they stood.

"Mr Emerson knows it and he's being very disingenuous, and so are all across the chamber in the LNP, when they try and make out this is a conscious decision by this government."


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