Cash and international driver's licences stolen

Police highlight crimes across the region

Enter with intent and wilful damage

DRIVER'S licences and money from a petty cash tin was stolen from an address on Boat Harbour Dr.

On March 11 between 5.10pm and 7.10am the next morning offenders entered the offence location.

They entered through a side door and jemmied the door to gain entry to the interior office.

The offenders forced back the second drawer of a filing cabinet, allowing them access to a locked petty cash tin, containing about 30 international driving permits.

They've also forced open another drawer of the cabinet and have stolen a locked petty cash tin, with about $130 inside.

Attempted enter with intent

A POLICE dog followed a trail after an attempted break and enter on Boat Harbour Dr.

On March 15 between 12.40am and 12.50am an offender has attempted to gain entry by jimmying off the roller door locks on the outside of the offence location.

The offender was disturbed by the informant whilst he was doing patrols and ran off.

A police dog followed a trail and there were further alarm activations at other shops.

Enter with intent

POLICE attended the St Stephen's Hospital construction site after some cable was stolen.

The informant suspects one of the tradesmen on site would have had to steal the cable as there are hundreds of rooms and the offender went straight to where the electrical cable was stored.

There were no physical barriers to get in the hospital itself however there are locked rooms and areas within the building.

There is a security fence which is locked up and goes right around the building and lighting is minimal.
The cable was valued at $4,500.

Assault occasioning bodily harm

THE victim was driving his car on March 16 between 7pm and 9pm in Lauren St, Urangan when he was flagged down by an unidentified man.

The driver stopped when the male person has approached the side of the vehicle and punched the driver in the face with a closed fist.

The male person has punched the victim several more times in the face.

The victim has then driven away from the scene.


BETWEEN March 17 and 18 an offender has used a stolen credit card to make up to $300 of purchases from Bi-Lo Maryborough, McDonalds Maryborough and the Carriers Arms Hotel Maryborough.

Police located the suspect and took him to the Maryborough Police Station where he was formally interviewed.
The offender was charged.

Enter with intent

A 46 inch LED television was stolen off the wall from the Urangan State High School science block.

The incident happened on March 14 between 3pm and 6pm.

The offenders damaged the wall and then left.


A WALLET has been stolen from a Maryborough home.

Its owner hadn't used her wallet in more than a day and when she was going to leave the house, she couldn't find it.

The neighbours found her wallet in their front yard.

There are no signs of forced entry and the informant stated that she had left the side door and two back doors unlocked.

The offender has stolen the wallet from the telephone stand at the bottom of the stairwell.

Informant said the wallet would have been visible if the offender was on the back veranda looking into the home.

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