Cat sinks on way home to Bay

A POWER Cat home cruiser was on its way to a new home in Hervey Bay when two crew members were plucked to safety this week.

The 16m motor got into trouble when one half of the hull sank and the boat rolled over off Noosa North Shore in rough conditions.

The boat, called Harmony, was on a delivery trip from the Gold Coast to the Fraser Coast when it started taking on water near North Reef.

Noosa charter boat Dreamtime responded to the distress call and arrived on the scene just in time, according to owner Gary Frome.

“We were able to pull alongside and the two chaps jumped aboard just before her port hull went down, and she rolled over with just the starboard hull ending slightly above water.”

The other crew member, John Grimanes, said they had sent out a distress call to Coast Guard Noosa first as a precaution.

“But we quickly realised that the vessel was sinking quickly and we prepared to abandon ship,” Mr Grimanes said.

“We noticed her handling had become sluggish, drawing to port so we investigated the port hull. Upon finding some water inside the bow thruster compartment we turned on the bilge pumps, but by then too much water was coming in,” he said.

Coast Guard Noosa's major rescue vessel The John Waddams attempted to tow the catamaran back to Noosa, but had to abandon the attempt when the tow line parted and increasing sea conditions made another attempt risky.

Coast Guard Noosa issued radio advice to all craft warning of the capsized but still floating vessel's position.

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