Cats are 'huge health concern' for humans

REGARDING a recent letter on cats (H. Sayers, T/C, 4/12), I disagree.

Free roaming cats are of a huge health concern to many individuals (up to 10% of the human population) and they are disgusting vectors for disease.

Any creature that is as fastidious at licking itself like cats, mice and rats are not "clean". In fact, it's the total opposite.

Many people, (my youngest daughter for instance) are highly allergic to cats because of a particular protein in their saliva known as "Fel d 1" which is spread throughout their coat and skin during grooming and shed (to some extent) in the cat's urine, faeces and dander.

They will break out in full body rashes and hives at the slightest contact, start sneezing uncontrollably, have severe eye irritation and asthma attacks (which can be fatal).

Also, toxoplasmosis is a very real threat.

I would take two dozen barking dogs in my immediate neighbourhood any day over one free-roaming, disease-ridden, putrid cat.

Cat owners can keep their cats confined to their own houses or don't keep them at all.

Those of us who wish to live healthy lives don't want your cats in our yards and personal living spaces.

Your cat is your problem, don't make it ours. Simple.

KEV McKAY, Harristown

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