Chamber was key in negotiating to keep the Cup

FRESH-faced in her new role as Hervey Bay Chamber of Commerce president, Sandra Holebrook was instrumental in progressing the Junior State Cup negotiations.

In the first major discussions since taking the role as president in late June, Ms Holebrook gathered Fraser Coast representatives and nudged the talks along.

"Once we had everybody in the right spot it happened in 10 minutes - I was blown away at how quick it was," she said.

"I did not expect they would be in a position to announce the extension to 2022 this weekend.

"It was facilitating the right people in the right place."

Ms Holebrook said this year's change of format to have the event from Thursday to Saturday benefited businesses.

"We got four solid nights out of it compared to what we had last year (Friday to Sunday)," she said.

"I think everybody would have to say it's been a fantastic event."

Ms Holebrook said the $8 million injected into the economy each year was likely to mean more than $40 million would be injected by 2022.

But she warned against becoming complacent with the current state of the event.

"There will be capacity issues," she said. "With the rate of growth that's going on - the current facilities will be beyond capacity in the few years.

Ms Holebrook said an accommodation shortage also created problems.

Queensland Touch Football CEO Jamie O'Connor agreed.

"Accommodation is a major issue for us in two parts; one is there isn't enough of it, so the pricing goes through the roof," he said.

"We understand the economics, we understand the business of supply and demand, but some of the feedback we've been getting from participants is the price increases are significant, with some talking a 250% increase from the first week of the holidays to week two, which is where our event sits."

Mr O'Connor praised Ms Holebrook at the Chamber of Commerce for their help in securing the event.

"Chamber has been enormous assistance, council has been an enormous assistance, and we just need to continue to work with those groups and the business community in making them understand the pressure they put on this event through accommodation pricing is ultimately going to have a major impact on us and our participants," he said.

"If it gets to the point where our participants start to decline then we need to have some real conversation about whether we can continue beyond 2022. We'd love it to stay here for decades to come, it's a great venue for us, but we need to show some restraint in the business community at time to make sure we can continue to come here."

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