Wetside a major success

TIM WALDRON has suggested the Fraser Coast Regional Council revisit its development plans for Seafront Oval now that WetSide has opened.

The Wide Bay Water Corporation CEO said the dynamics of the area had changed since the launch of the Hervey Bay water education park on December 6.

“The fact is the water park has had a major impact and perhaps the overall plan needs to be looked at,” he said.

“It’s been a bigger hit with everyone than anyone thought. It’s a major success.”

Mr Waldron was commenting in relation to the two car parks at WetSide frequently being full.

“The parking issue is a big issue that’s not going to go away,” he said. “And I’m happy to work with council on it.”

Council officers are currently looking into the car parking issues around WetSide and a report will go to the council early in the new year.

A meeting of council officers was also held last week to discuss parking, however the details of the talks have not been revealed.

Earlier this year the council built a new car park on Seafront Oval to cater for an all-abilities playground and ahead of WetSide opening the car park near the toilet blocks was upgraded and one near WetSide Coffee Shop built.

The two car parks are often full during WetSide opening hours however the all-abilities car park is primarily left empty.

It is not known whether the council has any future plans for more car parking at the oval.

“No parking” signs have been erected around the oval however some drivers are still parking on the grass.

There are currently no buses servicing WetSide and Wide Bay Transit managing director Murray Priebbenow said the council had knocked back the suggestion of a new bus stop during talks in March.

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