Chasing people with a machete "in no way acceptable"

A MAN who drunkenly chased someone around Willowbank Caravan Park with a machete has been ordered to undergo alcohol and anger management counselling.

Claren Dyren McDonald, 40, pleaded guilty to going armed to cause fear, in Ipswich Magistrates Court.

McDonald was drunk at Willowbank Caravan Park where he observed an altercation between two other people.

He approached the fight and broke it up before one of the people involved began abusing him and spat "in his direction".

McDonald, who was described as highly intoxicated at the time, went to his vehicle, pulled out a machete and began to chase the person who spat at him through the caravan park.

Police, who were already at the caravan park, approached McDonald, who threw the machete over a nearby fence.

The incident was described as "alcohol- fuelled" with McDonald's actions described as terrifying to the victim as well as the residents of the caravan park.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess said McDonald was lucky he didn't have a history of violent behaviour and that he hadn't seriously hurt anyone due to his actions.

"In no way in the world is it acceptable or excusable to run around in such a fashion with a machete," she said. "Anyone else in the vicinity would have been frightened by your behaviour. It's not just the victim."

McDonald was sentenced to 12 months probation, during which he mustn't commit another offence, he will receive visits from parole officers and must undertake counselling.

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