Checkout workers have it easy these days: opinion

YES the job can get mundane, but checkout workers don't have to memorise a million fruit and vegetable codes off by heart these days. 

Or flick through the dreaded produce roller to find the code if you don't know it off by heart.

I have vivid memories of my first job as a checkout chick at Woolworths when I was 14 and nine months.

Don't get me wrong, it was a fun job at times and I managed to save enough money to buy my first car, but we literally had to remember the codes of everything from bananas through to a vine ripened tomatoes and everything in between.

These days technology advancements mean all the staff have to do is press a button.

While it seemed painful at the time, it really taught us all about our fruits and veggies. 

I love to see the young at work and I mean technology is the way of the future, but I swear the young ones don't really know what half the produce is. 

I overheard one checkout chick at the local supermarket asking a customer what a roma tomato was.

Really? Come on it's not rocket science.

Do you think checkout workers have it easy these days? Join the discussion and tell us below.

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