Ipswich movie-goers flee cinema as man urinates on floor

A MAN forced the evacuation of a cinema after he urinated on the theatre's carpet during a movie, a Hervey Bay court has heard.

Joseph Jeffrey Evans, 57, was watching the Tom Hanks flight drama Sully at an Ipswich complex in September last year when he chose to relieve himself while standing in the second row of seats.

The court heard everyone inside was forced to get out as the smell wafted through the cinema.

The carpet had to be cleaned, and the next movie session was cancelled.

Evans pleaded guilty on Thursday to one charge of wilful damage.

He had originally intended to go to trial.

Joseph Jeffrey Evans, 57, of Marsden, pleaded guilty in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court on September 14 to wilful damage.
Joseph Jeffrey Evans, 57, of Marsden, pleaded guilty in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court on September 14 to wilful damage. Annie Perets

Police Prosecutor Donna Sperling said Evans criticised the cinemas for not having a toilet inside the actual theatre.

"The manager walked into the cinema and saw the defendant standing in row two, urinating onto the floor," Snr Const Sperling said.

"As a result of his urination, the cinema was filled with the strong smell of urine.

"Also due to health reasons, it also closed the next session."

Representing himself in court, Evans said he consumed four beers prior to heading to the movies.

He said he did try to use a nearby toilet prior but said he was not able to get the sliding doors of that toilet open.

Magistrate Stephen Guttridge replied "I find it hard to believe".

Evans now has to pay the cinemas back a $250 carpet-cleaning fee, and $442 in refunded movie tickets.

"The policy is because the movie was not finalised, 26 people got their $8.50 back, and another movie ticket for $8.50," Snr Const Sperling said.

"He showed no remorse."

Evans was convicted and fined $500.

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