THE unsung heroes of 2020, the essential workers in the community, are being advocated for online following an announcement that will benefit some of our hardest-working frontline workers - teachers.

Education Minister Grace Grace's decision to finish the school year early to give overworked teachers a longer holiday was met with a mix of gratitude from teachers and questions from the public.

Education Queensland announced last week schools would close two days early, meaning regional schools will finish the school year on December 2.



In a post on The Chronicle Facebook page, the article 'School year cut short for teachers' pandemic leave' garnered attention from people who believe all those branded "essential workers" should also be cut some slack, particularly hospital and retail workers.

The gratitude that locals hold for the essential workers in the classroom was very clear in the comments, with many people saying the extra leave was justified given how hard the year has been for teaching staff.

"I will never moan about teachers getting the breaks they need," Edward Thomas said.

"They are absolute saints for putting up with a our kids and helping shape their lives.

"Amazing people who don't ever get the recognition they deserve."

"They have been under a lot of stress," Janine Caldicott said.

"They could do with a break."



Some called on the government to give essential retail workers deserved the same break.

"Essential retail workers who also worked through the pandemic should get the same leave added to their annual should anyone else that continued to work," Sharon Ives said.

The additional two days of leave was given to teachers as a compromise after the State Government deferred a pay rise for public servants until 2022.

Originally published as City advocates for all essential workers to be given a break

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