Claims 'retreat' was booked before councillors knew about it

FRASER Coast councillors were not consulted about the team-building trip to the Bunya Mountains this month.

On Wednesday it was revealed the councillors would use ratepayers' money to spend two nights in the Bunya Mountains for "professional development".

Councillors Stuart Taylor, James Hansen and Darren Everard will not attend the event.

In his campaign for election mayor Chris Loft promised to involve all councillors in creating "policy and set direction".

But Maryborough councillor Daniel Sanderson said the elected people were not involved in planning the retreat.

"This wasn't a matter I had an opportunity to vote on," Cr Sanderson said.

"It was booked prior to discussing it with councillors. 

"If I had been given the opportunity to vote on a preferred location it would have been in the region in keeping with my own views of supporting local business."

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"Community building is even more vital," he added.

"I have always supported local spend but the decision (to visit the Bunya Mountains) was not made by me."

The Chronicle has requested comment from Cr Loft.

What you have to say on Facebook

  • Ron Lange: What was wrong with Fraser Island? At least the money would have spent locally.
  • CJ Jones: If we must pay for these things- why not keep the money local and encourage business and tourism here on Fraser Coast?
  • Christine Hogan: So much for spending council money locally, Mr Loft. Not even sworn-in yet and already booking freebie councillor jaunts away from home. And just a little reminder here, mate...wasn't all your policies based on saving money rather than going on a spending spree? Let the downhill slide begin.
  • Linda Davis: Would you ever consider that they went outside of the region so they don't show bias towards one business within the region?
  • Sally Kay: If they can't even agree to work together on this it doesn't look good for the future of the area.

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