Clive Palmer to vote against $3b climate change plan

REBEL Sunshine Coast MP Clive Palmer has vowed to vote against the Federal Government's budget bills rather than support the government's climate change plan.

Mr Palmer said in a Twitter message that the government should be doing more to look after pensioners rather than spending money on its Direct Action climate change policy.

But the ABC reports that Labor will not support Mr Palmer in blocking the budget, ruling out the chance of triggering a double dissolution election.

The Palmer United Party will control the balance of power in the Senate after July.

The Palmer United Party leader says Direct Action, which includes a $3 billion fund to pay polluters to voluntarily reduce their emissions, is a "token gesture", and the funds would be better spent on the age pension.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt brushed off Mr Palmer's threats, saying: "The funds will be part of the budget papers and I doubt the budget will be blocked, unless we're going to be forced into a constitutional issue".

"We were elected by the Australian people to repeal the tax, and clean up our air, clean up our land and reduce our emissions. That goal is clear and unwavering," he told ABC News Breakfast.

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