CMC clears LNP campaign donations

INVESTIGATIONS into developer donations to the LNP election campaign showed no evidence of "corruption or favouritism".

The Crime and Misconduct Commission found donor identities remained confidential to party administrators and were only publicly released through the Queensland Electoral Commission.

The CMC became involved after much public debate about the matter and Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney used Thursday's outcome to attack the CMC's involvement.

He said he was talking to the Attorney-General about whether legislation regarding the CMC's operation could be altered to stop such actions being taken again.

"To finally dismiss a complaint some six months after the election, that was obviously part of the election campaign, I think raises a whole series of questions about the CMC and how it operates," he said.

"There was a whole election campaign that was built around a series of accusations about Campbell Newman's credibility.

"I think the CMC just continues to allow itself to be drawn into the political process.

"It has to be very careful that it doesn't enable itself to be used as a political tool. And that's happened too many times.

"The CMC have to protect their own credibility by ensuring that can't happen."

Mr Seeney said the investigation into Arts Minister Ros Bates's son Ben Gommers being appointed to the Transport Department during a job freeze was another example of accusations "peddled in the political argument".

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