UPDATE: Daniel Sanderson maintains strong lead in division 4

MONDAY 8.25AM: INCUMBENT Daniel Sanderson is maintaining his strong lead in division four with about 43% of the vote.

Cr Sanderson is well ahead of nearest rival Darryl Gleich who has 23% of the vote.

Former police officer Jamie Hoolahan in in third place on 17% followed by Robert Tralau on 11% and Perry Ward on 5%.

About 71% of the vote has been counted with six of the 13 booths reporting.

Counting will continue on Monday.

SUNDAY 4.30PM: DIVISION four candidate Darryl Gleich is still hopeful despite trailing incumbent Daniel Sanderson by more than 500 votes.

Mr Gleich has amassed 668 votes compared to Cr Sanderson's 1,202.

Jamie Hoolahan on 455 votes, Robert Tralau on 287 votes and Perry Ward on 156 votes round out the field.

About 43% of the vote  has been counted.

"Anything goes at the moment," he said.

"I am just hanging on."

Cr Sanderson however was confident he had taken out the seat.

"It's great how things are progressing," he said.

When it came to the mayoral race, Mr Gleich was not sold on current front runners incumbent Gerard O'Connell and division three councillor Chris Loft.

"I would have liked Steven Coleman to have got up," he said.

Cr Sanderson said he enjoyed working with both but would have liked to continue his working relationship with Cr O'Connell.

But he said,  no matter the outcome, he would work with the next mayor to get the best for the region.

UPDATE 11PM: Daniel Sanderson is grateful for the support that has given him a commanding lead in division four.

The incumbent councillor had 46.04% of the vote at the time of ECQ's last update (8.23pm), more than double that of nearest rival Darryl Gleich (22.7%).

Cr Sanderson said he was grateful but would not take his big lead for granted.

"Hopefully the pre-poll and postal votes ensure the numbers stay where they are," he said.

"I'm very grateful for the support so far. I never take anything for granted so I'll wait until the ECQ makes that call."

Cr Sanderson spent the evening at a casual barbecue with his supporters, and thanked his team for their efforts on polling day.

"They've had long days so we've had a barbecue to say thanks," he said.

"It's important to honour team members."

Jamie Hoolahan on 15.05%, Robert Traulau on 10.72% and Perry Ward on 5.49% round out the field.

UPDATE 10.45PM: Incumbent councillor Daniel Sanderson has  taken a commanding lead in the division four race.

Cr Sanderson has 46.04% of the votes compared to closest rival Darryl Gleich who has 22.7% of the race.

Jamie Hoolahan on 15.05%, Robert Traulau on 10.72% and Perry Ward on 5.49% round out the field.

Three of 13 booths  have been counted.

UPDATE, 8.50PM: Incumbent division four councillor Daniel Sanderson holds a commanding lead with 29.22% counted.

Sanderson has garnered 46.04% of the vote, with Darryl Gleich his closest rival (22.7%).

Jamie Hoolahan (15.05%), Robert Tralau (10.72%) and Perry Ward (5.49%) are well behind.

EARLIER: THE youngest councillor Daniel Sanderson will spend the day at polling places hoping to convince voters to give him four more years.

Cr Sanderson faces a strong field including Darryl Gleich, Jamie Hoolahan, Robert Tralau and Perry Ward.

Mr Hoolahan's campaigning was halted this year when his son Joel tragically drowned in the Mary River.

Cr Sanderson has been a councillor since 2012.

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For a full list of candidates in all divisions, click here.

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