Editor Mat Nott
Editor Mat Nott

Editor: Coast glows after weekend

SEEDS have been sown in the past couple of days.

The Minister for Education, Training and Employment John-Paul Langbroek came to visit on Saturday and liked the place so much he was still here on Sunday.

He was squired around various pressure points in Hervey Bay that touch upon his ministry by a delegation of those who were responsible for bringing him here.

Councillor Stuart Taylor's proactivity in carving the region's name into the minister's agenda deserves recognition. Access is gold. Get people in front of you and there is a chance to get things done. Telephones always darken counsel and confound good intent.

Mr Langbroek deployed his considerable personal charm to good effect. While people who have lost their job due to the Newman government's budgetary commitments might have been of a mind to burn him in effigy, his sincerity when he addressed the throng at Creations Cafe about the importance of education and training was genuine.

You got the feeling that this was a man you could do business with. He did receive a clear message, though, that this is a region with immense promise. Too heavy a hand now, just when enterprise is budding, and we will suffer irreparable damage.

His commitment to tap the resources of Skills Queensland to help our fly-in fly-out endeavours was timely. It has got to help and it will be instructive to chart the progress.

He also took the time to do a bit of flying himself, across the water rather than through the air as a guest in one of the superboats.

This event was a major win for the district. There would have been more than a thousand people strung along the sand from Scarness to Torquay to watch the boats go 'round.

At the presentation night on Sunday at the Hervey Bay Boat Club, race organisers lavished praise upon the club and council for their concrete sponsorship. There is no doubt this event will be back.

The thing that glowed on a night of goodwill was the jaw-dropping impact of the reception the racers said they received from the people of the Fraser Coast. Stories of this genuine hospitality will be recounted all over Australia.

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