WHERE IT FELL: Coast property receives almost 200mm

FOR Fraser Coast cattle graziers Trevor and Leonie Cook, Tuesday night's rain was a sigh of relief for the farmers and their livestock.

The couple own a number of properties west of Maryborough, including a station at North Aramara, where between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, they received 73mms of rain.

Mrs Cook said because the rain of recent months had been scarce and patchy, some of their cattle was looking better than others.

"We did get a storm about a month ago where we got two inches, but we only got it here at North Amarama," Mrs Cook said.

"It didn't hit any other properties."

Mrs Cook said Tuesday night's rain had been steady, and she had noticed the place greening up already, but that was not the case everywhere.

Over the weekend, the Chronicle spoke to Teebar cattle grazier Malcolm Beresford who said if the region did not get rain before the end of March, the results could be catastrophic for farmers.

On Tuesday night, Teebar received about 175mm, which Mr Beresford said was not exactly what he had in mind.

"It was very heavy rain, there was a lot of grass washed off the hills," Mr Beresford said.

"It was too heavy for the dry conditions, but at least all the water holes are full now."

Mr Beresford said Maryborough Biggenden Rd had been cut off overnight due to flash flooding, but the water had now cleared.

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