Community backs decision to allow cannabis for medicine

OUR Facebook community is in full support of the federal government's decision to allow cannabis to be grown for medicine in Australia. 

Geoff Emery No doubt growing will be done similarly to opium poppy crops. This would ensure stable concentrations and quality of active constituents.This ban has been stupid from the start and has prevented medical science from utelising a plentiful, natural source of medicine. Just US scaremongering depriving the world of benefits, once again.

Daryl Hemming: Who's going to do the growing and distribution of it?

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Jason Weston It's about time patients had another treatment option

Michael Fox Round of applause for Tr Turnbull. About time a poli used his brain.

Tracy Bullen: and the price for those patients will be?

Jodi Winter: Bout time id have some right now the pain i have in my back is just unbearable but i have it every day the pain..think of the parents with sick kids,people dying and whoever else can benefit from it

Amanda O'Neill: About time!!

Darryl Harvey: If it helps save people who are in need. So be it

Shileen Schostakowski: About time

Beverley McAlpine: About time

Ashleigh Frances: There was a comment on the page i disagreed someone stated that it should only be available in oral tablet form and be strictly enforced. I disagree in cancer patients due to side effects of chemo and radiotherapy they are quite sick with vomiting.

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