OPINION: Complaint an attack on religion

WHAT'S the difference between a small group of Muslim people praying in a building, and a group of Christians doing the same?

The only one I can see is that people are unlikely to complain about the Christians.

There are Christian prayer circles and meetings held in all sorts of buildings and private homes regularly on the Fraser Coast, yet I've never heard of anyone having an issue with them.

The complaint against a Torquay business is clearly not about the "misuse" of a building - the real issue for the complainant seems to be the religion involved.

Perhaps their grievance comes from a place of fear, fuelled by the rampant anti-Muslim rhetoric on social media.

But by targeting our Muslim community in this fashion, it will only further marginalise them. It achieves no earthly good, and it certainly won't stop people praying.

Whether you agree with the religion or not, they have a right to worship.

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The zoning of the building is not irrelevant - zones are in place for a reason - however, with such small, infrequent meetings, I cannot see any realistic harm in allowing the sessions to continue.

It would be a double standard to put a stop to the Muslim prayer meetings while allowing similar groups from other religions to gather in other buildings unchecked.

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