MKR contestants Emilie Biggar and Sheri Eddington
MKR contestants Emilie Biggar and Sheri Eddington Contributed

Toowoomba cooks feature on hit show tonight

EMILIE Biggar and Sheri Eddington's day of culinary judgment has finally arrived.

The two cooks will be seen hosting their instant restaurant on My Kitchen Rules tonight.

With the first team eliminated from the show last night, the blonde "soul sisters" will be setting the bar for the second round of instant restaurants featuring six new teams.

"We didn't want to be first," Miss Eddington said.

"We just wanted to see somebody else do it, but we couldn't.

"We had no idea what hit us and it really did hit us."

While both young women have moved since the show was filmed, they are proud to be representing their hometown of Toowoomba.

They describe their cooking as a twist on the traditional recipes they grew up cooking with their grandmothers.

"They taught us everything about cooking," Miss Eddington said.

"We like classic meats and classic desserts, stuff that fills you up."

Miss Biggar added: "We go with the flow and I think you guys will get a taste of that when you see the show".

Twenty-two-year-old Eddington is a disability support worker while Miss Biggar, 24, is mum to two-year-old William.

Miss Biggar also has a hearing impairment. She is deaf in her left ear and must wear a hearing aid in her right ear. In noisy public places or around a lively dinner table, she relies on lip reading.

After watching the show for several years, Miss Biggar said she now understood why teams often appear to make illogical decisions in the kitchen.

"When you're watching it on the couch, you don't get to feel what's actually happening in the moment," she said.

"There's so much pressure when you're in this kind of competition.

"After being on the show, we have a lot of understanding of why people make mistakes."

Judge Manu Feildel described the women as cute, but also determined.

"They probably had too much stress when they walked into the kitchen, but they fight hard," he said.

"They're very good friends and they never want to say too many bad words about other people's food."

Mr Feildel said he was impressed with how Miss Biggar dealt with her hearing impairment on the show.

"She has to read lips and my French accent was a bit of a struggle for her, but I take my hat off to her," he said.

"She did very well."

My Kitchen Rules airs tonight at 7.30pm on Channel 7.

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