‘Cop broke my arm’: Woman sues for compo

A young central Queensland woman who claims her arm was broken by an "overzealous" cop while she was questioned at her home has sued the state for damages for false imprisonment and assault.

Madison Holt, 22, from Yeppoon, alleges she heard a "loud cracking noise" when Queensland police officer Alex Nesic punched the top of her left arm while she was being held by Detective Nesic and his colleague Detective Sergeant Craig Strohfeldt on February 11 last year.

Her claim, filed in Brisbane District Court, alleges the force used by police was not reasonably necessary and that the officers should never have tried to arrest her because they didn't have reasonable grounds to suspect she had broken the law.

Police went to Ms Holt's home to ask her about a female police officer's missing mobile phone.

Ms Holt alleges after she heard her upper arm crack, she heard Detective Nesic say: "I have broken her arm."

She alleges Detective Nesic immediately let go of her arm appearing panicked, and swore repeatedly.

"Stop, her arm is broken," Ms Holt alleges Detective Nesic said.


A Facebook image of Madison Holt, 22
A Facebook image of Madison Holt, 22


An X-ray shows Madison Holt’s arm fractured between her shoulder and her elbow.
An X-ray shows Madison Holt’s arm fractured between her shoulder and her elbow.


Ms Holt claims she was screaming for them to call an ambulance because she was in pain, she says in her claim that she felt dizzy and moved to lie down but was told to stay sitting in case she passed out.

Ms Holt claims she heard Detective Nesic say to Detective Strohfeldt: "What should we do? Do we make a sling?"

Ms Holt was taken to Rockhampton Hospital by ambulance and an X-ray showed she had a fracture of her upper arm.

She claims the two detectives' behaviour was "overzealous, intrusive, unwarranted and manifestly excessive".

She says before her arm was broken she yelled out, "I am not resisting," and, "You are hurting my arm."

She is claiming an unspecified sum of money for losing her liberty between 4pm and 4.10pm when she was restrained by police, and says she should be compensated for her pain, mental distress and anguish.

She says she now feels unable to trust police, and felt "particularly distressed and confused to have been forcefully detained" at her home.

Ms Holt has not been charged with any crimes relating to the arrest.

An internal investigation by the Queensland Police Service, which was overseen by the Crime and Corruption Commission, found the two officers would not face any criminal charges.

No defence has been filed and no date has been set for hearing.






Originally published as 'Cop broke my arm': Woman sues for compo

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