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Cops and new technology bust drivers

THE way dodgy drivers on the Fraser Coast get their traffic fines has changed.

Next time you are pulled over by police on the Fraser Coast, the officer might ask for your driver's licence, registration and email address.

This is because the officers from the Maryborough Road Policing Unit have started handing out e-tickets to intercepted drivers.

Instead of being handed a paper ticket, Fraser Coast police are processing infringement notices on their iPads, and are able to email the details to the driver, as well as send a copy through Australia Post.

Senior Constable Adriane Edge said this was even more of an incentive for drivers to update the address on their licences if they have moved.

"You can do it online or at a Department of Transport office," Snr Const Edge said.

The paper option is still available, but the iPads are used more in areas of the Fraser Coast with better internet and phone reception.

The e-tickets were brought into the Queensland Police Service as a way to make the job safer for police.

In another recent technological update to the Road Policing Unit in the region, Fraser Coast police now have an automatic numberplate recognition device.

Unit officer-in-charge Sergeant Tony McCarthy said the new gadget detected if a car was unregistered.

"We've seen since that technology's come in there's been a number of vehicles detected that have been driving around unregistered," Sgt McCarthy said.

"So people need to check their rego anniversaries to see when they are due."

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