Flowers put on the Give Way sign where a teenager died.
Flowers put on the Give Way sign where a teenager died.

Council knew about speeding

THE COUNCIL has been aware of the serious speeding problem at the Tinana intersection where 17-year-old Adrian Hope was killed on December 28 at least since the middle of last year.

Speeds of up to 148kmh were recorded in May last year and the council has the official documentation detailing both the speed and vehicle counts.

So now does the Chronicle.

An average speed of 85kmh was also recorded in a traffic survey carried out by the council.

The survey covered 100 metres into the Lindah and Teddington roads intersection from the north and 100 metres in from the south.

CEO Andrew Brien has refused to install a Stop sign at the killer intersection, saying it does not meet the criteria under the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

“... unfortunately we cannot install stop signs at every intersection where there has been a fatal accident,” he said on January 7.

Yet an internal council report to a December planning and development committee meeting says the council had done a traffic survey of Teddington Road that indicated an 85kmh average speed that needed to be considered.

The traffic control devices manual that Mr Brien says is preventing him from installing the sign says a Stop sign should be installed when the major road speed in kilometres per hour is more than the distance in metres drivers can see in either direction when entering that main road.

This does not apply to the intersection in question.

The traffic survey ran for nine days and recorded a total of more than 7000 vehicles south of Lindah Road intersection and more than 11,000 north of the intersection.

Eighty-three per cent of the vehicles recorded exceeded the posted speed limit of 60kmh and the mean excessive speed for south traffic was 71.71kmh and for north traffic it was 67.69kmh.

Tinana locals have also asked the CEO to touch up line marking and install some street lighting.

The Chronicle did not receive the council’s response by deadline.

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