Councillors cop public backlash

IT comes as no surprise that every person who voted on our poll on whether the Fraser Coast councillors should receive a pay rise voted No.

What has come as a surprise is the large number of those who made an effort to vote and the strength of the comments that some posted alongside their vote on emails.

The emails were still clicking over last night with close to 150 lodged. Many other residents took the time to cut out the front page and hand deliver it to either our Maryborough or Hervey Bay office.

One woman who didn't want to be named dropped in her marked front page saying “let them live off $20,000 a year. Then they'll know what the real world is about”.

This poll wasn't aimed at giving ratepayers a chance to take a pot shot at the councillors. It was aimed simply to get an understanding of the feeling of ratepayers and also as a chance for them to send a clear message to the councillors of what they thought of a pay rise.

We will continue to canvas your thoughts until Monday afternoon and we will publish the results next Tuesday.

Here were some of the comments we received today:

We are both against the councillors wage rise! As stated on the front page of today's Chronicle, as ratepayers, we have the right to say whether they should get it or not. How come, when the rates were increased, we never had a say on the issue?

– Peter & Sally Greer

They do not deserve what they get now. It's the outside staff that need it. And I am not one of them.

– Graeme Love Booral

There are three big NOs from this household.

I pay almost $5000 per annum in rates and I believe I definitely should have a say in where my money goes. When are they voting because I would like to be there because as you said we are their employers and I will definitely vote against any pay rises for the council. In normal jobs you have to show that you are productive and an asset to the business before you get rewarded.

– Gaylene Nichols

Pay rises are about Affordability, Productivity and Performance. Our councillors have failed on all fronts. No to a pay rise.

– Bert Pitt

If you would like to vote Yes or No for our councillors to receive a pay rise, send an email to

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