Council, residents, police join forces to put brake on hoons

HOONS beware: the Fraser Coast Regional Council, Queensland Police and a group of annoyed Point Vernon residents near the Gatakers Bay parklands are intent on putting a stop to your antics.

That was the message delivered at a community meeting held at the parklands on Tuesday.

Division 6 councillor Trevor McDonald and about 10 residents were at the meeting.

"The hoons are predominately here Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday on a weekly basis," Stan Walker, a nearby resident of 11 years, said

"There wouldn't be a week that goes by where you don't hear hoon activity down here."

Mr Walker said the hoons drive onto the parklands, do donuts, burnouts and cut up the grass.

He said it was time a permanent solution was found and suggested bollards as the ideal remedy.

Cr McDonald said there were two options available to fix the problem.

"Firstly the answer is increase public awareness and public response that we will not and can not tolerate this behaviour," he said.

"As well as that there are some protective measures the council can take and that does include bollards, strategic planting or perhaps pathways with a raised surface."

He said the first response would be to encourage the public to work with authorities, and he said the police were onboard and would increase supervision of the Gatakers Bay parkland area.

Queensland penalties

People committing two serious hooning offences have their car confiscated indefinitely.

The two strikes approach will apply to those committing Type One offences which include:

  • Dangerous operation of a motor vehicle
  • Racing and speed trials on roads
  • Wilfully starting a motor vehicle or driving a motor vehicle in a way that makes unnecessary noise or smoke
  • Evade police

Queen's Baton Relay: Road closures across the Fraser Coast

Queen's Baton Relay: Road closures across the Fraser Coast

Road closures will start at 5.30am on Sunday in Hervey Bay.

Maryborough Correctional Centre to be examined

Maryborough Correctional Centre to be examined

These matters may become the subject of separate investigations.

Torch smashes window in road rage incident

Torch smashes window in road rage incident

The driver started flashing high beams.

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