Council outlines pest control plan

FRASER Coast farmers will now be able to see some concrete plans from the council concerning pest management.

The council has endorsed its Pest Management Plan and Pest Survey Program, which lists the 52 declared pests on the Fraser Coast, along with what the council intends to do about them.

"The feedback we got from farmers was that they wanted to see some actual policy about pest management," Fraser Coast mayor Gerard O'Connell said.

Cr O' Connell agreed with the need to be strategic when it came to the problem.

"This is not the sort of thing you can do ad hoc," he said.

"You're talking about people's livelihoods here."

The list of declared pests includes the obvious examples of feral animals like foxes, cats, wild dogs and pigs, along with numerous plant species such as rat's tail grass or the Bathurst burr.

Under the plan, staff will conduct the pest surveys across the region, one area at a time in order to identify the biggest problems in each area.

For example, from October to December, the council will be concentrating on areas like North Aramara, St Helens, Walligan and Gungaloon.

From January to March, it will move on to to areas like Munna Creek, Gootchie and Walker's Point.

Then, there is a clear program of activities such as roadside spraying, or animal baiting, to let people know when they can expect work to be done.

This annual works program will be divided into four blocks of three months each to cover the whole region, while there is also scope for moving into specific areas where "priority" pests occur.

Landholders who have neglected pest management on their own private land have been warned they would have to cover the costs of the council's work to control pests.

The full plan is available on the council website, under the Environment, Health, Water and Waste tab.

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