COURT: Child's birthday turns sour as man abuses partner

IT WAS meant to be a celebration of his daughter's birthday.

Instead, the day ended with the Tinana man smashing his head against the rear window of a police car until his head bled.

The 30-year-old man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty in Maryborough Magistrates Court to one count of assaulting or obstructing police and one count of contravening a domestic violence order.

The court heard the incident happened on May 25 when the man started verbally abusing his partner.

The woman was forced to hide her phone in her bra to prevent the man from grabbing her phone and damaging it.

The verbal abuse continued, with the man hurling insults at his partner.

Police arrived at the scene and told the man to cease his behaviour.

He replied that he "wasn't doing anything wrong".

The man became agitated as police arrested him and began smashing his head into the rear window of the police car and he attempted to prevent police from restraining him.

Defence lawyer Michael Riedel told the court the man and his partner, who had since left him, had been together for many years and had five children together.

"He doesn't drink often, but it was his daughter's birthday," Mr Riedel said.

"He was drinking cask wine and he accepts he drank too much.

"He has since separated from the aggrieved but she is in court supporting him.

"Alcohol makes him into someone he isn't."

Mr Riedel said his client had apologised to his former partner and was seeing his children every weekend.

He said there had been no physical violence.

The man was fined $800.

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