COURT: Fixated stalker caused his ex to live in fear

A FIXATED stalker caused his ex-partner to live in fear as he followed her around for months.   

From parking outside her home to showing up at her workplace, Hervey Bay Magistrates Court was told on Thursday of the lengths Mark Andrew Fouracre went to torment the woman.

His goal was to resume a relationship with her.   

Some of the text messages he sent her were read out in court after Fouracre pleaded guilty to stalking.  

In one text he wrote: "I'll hang around in Hervey Bay all day in my van hoping to see your beautiful face, that's how much I love you."  

Another one said: "I can't believe I love you so much."  

Fouracre threatened revenge against the woman if she complained to police about him.

Fouracre attempted to reconnect with his former partner, who he has a child with, days after being released from jail.

He was originally jailed for committing offences against her.   

The 38-year-old sent her a photo of his release documents to prove he wasn't behind bars.   

Fouracre wasn't discreet about his stalking - he regularly messaged the woman to inform her of his activity.   

On one occasion the Torbanlea man told her: "You never know where I'll pop up".  

After seeing her one day, he messaged her: "I just drove past you in the car park there."   

The court was told the woman lived in constant fear, and began to take different routes to work to avoid running into her stalker.

Her parents began to accompany her in public for her safety.   

Defence lawyer Fiona Terrell said Fouracre had difficulty accepting the relationship was over.  

"He couldn't see past his own hurt and confusion," Ms Terrell said.

The stalking went on from April to September.   

He was sentenced to 21 months in jail, to be released on parole in February.  

The court was told Fouracre planned to move to Gladstone after his release.   

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