COURT: Man stabs baby photo with knife in pub

A RECOVERING drug addict created a violent scene at a Fraser Coast pub when he pierced a photo of his own child with a knife onto the bar.

Luke Christopher Goold told police officers he wanted to go to jail when he was arrested on February 27, Maryborough Magistrates Court heard on Tuesday.

The 25-year-old pleaded guilty in court to theft and going armed to cause fear.

Defence lawyer Travis George said Goold did not actually want to go to jail, and only made the statement out of pure anger and disappointment after having a "very bad day".

Goold made an unsuccessful bail application the day after being arrested.

Yesterday the court heard Goold had spent six months at a drug rehabilitation centre and prior to the offences, moved to an address at Bauple which had a strict no alcohol and drugs rule.

But a regrettable trip to the pub put him back a few steps on his recovery journey.

First, he blew $1000 on the pokies and then, he stole a 700mL bottle of alcohol and took a sip. That prompted him to approach the bar with a knife..

He then told staff, "Call the police and tell them where I am, I'm not armed."

Goold spent 35 days in jail awaiting sentencing.

He was sentenced to six-months jail but granted immediate parole. He was fined $500 for stealing the alcohol and ordered to pay $39.99 in reinstitution.

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