Angry woman drove into cyclist, left him to die, court told

A GATTON woman has been accused of getting so angry at a cyclist when he would not pull over on the Warrego Hwy that she drove "straight into him".

The Brisbane Coroner's Court is investigating the death of Chinese national Shui Ki Chan, 25, who was struck by a car while cycling on the highway.

He was not killed by the collision, but left in a ditch beside the road and died from the elements.

The coroner has heard Gatton woman Joanne Marie McCauley told a man she ran Mr Chan over.

On Monday Ms McCauley said she had told the man in order to frighten him, as she had heard he was a child rapist.

On Tuesday, the man told the coroner Ms McCauley had told him she had run the cyclist down.

He said he approached Ms McCauley when police requested to speak to him about a car she used to own.

In a statement, the man said she told him the cyclist had refused to pull off the road even after she "blared" her horn at him and flipped her the finger when she finally overtook him.

"I went down the road, turned around and went straight into him," the man's statement claimed she said.

Ms McCauley was set to enter her second day of evidence on Tuesday, but failed to show up at court.

Coroner John Hutton issued a warrant for her arrest in order to conclude her evidence to the court.

"She has not obeyed her duty to attend," he said.

"This show is not determined by her presence or non-presence."

The inquest continues today. - ARM NEWSDESK

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