COWPER: Clues reveal what to expect in Episode 2

After an emotional roller coaster in the first episode, Cowper ended on a cliffhanger that left many listeners desperate to know one question: Does the pregnant woman and her unborn child survive?

In the final few minutes of this first instalment, a young Scottish doctor and a Grafton GP discover a critically injured woman in the third trimester of her pregnancy. Knowing the potentially fatal outcome if left untreated, the two doctors are in a race against time to get the woman to Grafton Base Hospital. But do they make it?

The end credits give listeners a few clues that could lead us down several different scenarios. One voice suggests that 'he didn't tell her' which could imply that the baby was lost in the tragedy. Or perhaps that the woman who 'had that look of hope in her eyes' might have sustained fatal injuries and that they didn't want to reveal this to her. It could also imply a relative that had arrived on scene and staff don't want to tell her the devastating outcome.

However, the second voice, this time a female voice, states that if she didn't move 'they' might not have known she was alive. Could this mean the pregnant woman fell into a catatonic state during the trip to hospital? This quote could give listeners a glimmer of hope that she and her child survived.

That's really all we get for a possible hint about the fate of the pregnant woman. After that, the voices move into more graphic descriptions, presumably about the crash itself.

'A very big flash of light' and 'the horrendous screams and the moans and groans' suggest that the second episode might focus more on the survivors involved in the crash.

Cowper Episode 2 is out now...  LISTEN HERE.


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