Crimes of fashion in Fraser Coast courtrooms

A SINGLET, board shorts and a pair of thongs.

That might sound like the perfect attire for the beach, but it's what many defendants are wearing during their appearances in Fraser Coast court rooms.

While the public might expect that a certain standard exists when appearing before court, Maryborough lawyer John Willett said often he saw people attend court who were not properly dressed for the occasion.

"It's pretty bad, but it's bad across Queensland, it's not specific to us," he said.

Mr Willett has noticed a distinct difference between repeat offenders and first time or one-off offenders.

Repeat offenders often took no notice of the dress standard, while first time offenders would show up in a suit, dress, or a button-up shirt and slacks, he said.

"Sometimes a magistrate will crack down," he said.

"A magistrate in Maryborough two years ago would throw out anyone in a singlet.

"Hervey Bay is just as bad. People wear runners and seem to get the tattoos out as much as possible."

During his time as a lawyer, Mr Willet has seen people show up with no shirt on, wearing thongs or sometimes no shoes at all.

He said it did make a difference in how the defendant was perceived by the magistrates and he always encouraged his clients to dress appropriately.

"It shows they are taking their court obligations seriously," he said.

"It does make an impression."

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