Croc Stars move to Urangan with turtles, snakes and all

FORMER Croc Stars Karen and Derek Ingham traded their khakis for bike gear, when they moved from New South Wales last December.


Karen and Derek Ingham moved to Hervey Bay in December 2016.
Karen and Derek Ingham moved to Hervey Bay in December 2016. Emily Black

Karen and Derek said they first visited Hervey Bay many years ago and returned several times with their Croc Stars show and while touring on their motorbikes.

"My parents moved here 15 years ago and sadly my dad passed away, but mum is now in Fraser Shores, has a wonderful partner and loves her life here in Hervey Bay," Karen said.

"We started our own business, Croc Stars, 16 years ago.

"We did tours up and down the east coast of Australia, including Hervey Bay, with our mobile reptile display including lizards, turtles, snakes and crocodiles.

"For the last eight years we did tours here to visit my mum and to perform for local childcare centres, aged care and respite facilities, Bunnings Hardware and shopping centres.

"Every year for eight years we would visit and and enjoy this beautiful area and every journey home at the end of a tour was a sad one as we felt such an affinity with the Bay and its people.

"Last year we made the decision to retire our reptiles and make a huge move and change in lifestyle and in December we moved into our new home at Urangan.

"Not a day goes by that we don't walk, ride or drive along the Esplanade to take in that most awesome view and we are so grateful that we have been able to make Hervey Bay our home."

Derek said it was the constant touring of the east coast that cemented their decision to move to Hervey Bay, as it was by far the best destination for them.

While Derek and Karen's crocodiles weren't able to join them on the move, their lizards, turtles and snakes did.

"Some of them are 16 and 17 years old and they are like our babies, so we hold on to them until they die of old age," Karen said.

Now they're semi-retired, and Derek works as an actor and extra for various programs and films and Karen as a specialist medical typist.

Readers may recognise him as an extra in his roles in moves including the 2015 Mel Gibson movie Hacksaw Ridge and the 2008 Wolverine movie as a firing squad extra.

"I have brought my work with me and am a specialist medical typist for orthopaedic and neurosurgeons in Sydney and Gosford, NSW and also Brisbane, Queensland," Karen said.

"All my work is done remotely and am able to work from home.

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