Crocodile spotted by anglers at Fraser Island

A CROCODILE was spotted near the beach on the western side of Fraser Island by a group of people fishing near the mouth of a creek, a spokesman from the Department of Environment and Science says.

The incident happened on February 12, but wasn't reported to the department until February 14.

The spokesman said the sighting happened close to Wathumba Rd.

"The department was unable to confirm the sighting, but did place temporary recent crocodile sighting warning signs in the area," the spokesman said.

Members of the public are urged to report all sightings in a timely manner, the spokesman said.

"The department investigates all crocodiles reports it receives."

Under the current Queensland Crocodile Management Plan, any crocodiles found south of the Boyne River in Gladstone are considered to be in Zone F - Atypical habitat and are automatically targeted for removal by DES.

Although waterways on the Fraser Coast are not considered to be part of croc country, people are urged to be 'crocwise' in areas where crocodiles have been recently reported.

To report a sighting, contact the department on 1300 130 372

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