WELL we broke one big rule with our Hey Mumma story this week.

We actually asked the opinion of a DAD!

The reason is there are many dads who are staying at home full-time to look after the kidlets while mum goes to work.

So we figured both parents have an idea of which is harder as did many of our readers.

"Belittling fathers who try to be primary caregivers makes it harder for mothers to get out of the house and enjoy a fulfilling career," Marcus Newell posted on our Facebook page.

Steve Smith gave his story about raising his three daughters.

"I was a stay at home dad for many years, three daughters and they have grown to be awesome women, educated, confident, respectful and empathetic to others," he wrote.

"I was lucky to be able to form such a close bond that is still present today.

"Regardless of gender, any one of us has the ability to be a stay at home parent.

I loved it, and if I could turn the hands of time back I would proudly do it all over again."

Jess Lowe remembers her father bringing her up.

"My dad was a stay at home dad for 25 years to look after my sister and me (we are nine years apart) and did so as a single dad," she wrote.

We stopped out the front of a local school to ask the mums and dad what they thought was harder, being a stay at home parent or a working parent.


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